Domestic Terms & Conditions

  1. Our prices are fixed for 3 months.
  2. Payment terms are as stated on our quotation and invoice unless otherwise stated.
  3. Our payment terms are 50% deposit upon order and then 50% balance will be due the first day of the fitting date.
  4. All goods remain the company’s property until paid in full.
  5. Deposits are non-refundable, any goods returned by the customer a 30% handling fee will be charged accordingly.
  6. Supply only materials are strictly non-refundable.
  7. Our costs are subject to change until a site visit has been made.
  8. Our company requires sole access to the work area, other contractors will be denied access whilst all flooring works are being carried out by us.
  9. Trimming of doors and plinths are excluded unless otherwise stated.
  10. Our quotation includes for work detailed only, any changes or additions to the quotation hereto will be charged accordingly.
  11. Our quotation is based on all areas being cleared of furniture/wall items prior to work commencing by the customer, unless stated, we can price for this upon request, otherwise a further labour charge may be made. Our company will take no responsibility for damage to furniture/wall items whilst being moved by us.
  12. Our company will take no responsibility for any free issue flooring that is then fitted by us.
  13. Our company will take no responsibility for any preparation work to the sub floor which is done by others prior to our materials being fitted.
  14. With all wood flooring orders, the flooring sample is only an indicative of general quality, being a natural product. Larger samples may show variation in colour, grain, and other distinguishing features.
  15. To move and replace any kitchen appliances will be £40.00 per appliance, we will take no responsibility for leaks or damages.
  16. When removing doors/kitchen plinths/skirting’s Kent Flooring UK Ltd will take no responsibility for any damage whilst removing, trimming, and re-instating or any damage caused to the walls.
  17. Costs given are for continuous working during normal working hours (Monday – Friday)
  18. Any additional materials to be charged at trade + 30%.
  19. It is the sole responsibility of the client for re-routing all cables and wires that may run across the sub floor before installation of a new floor covering. All wires and pipes should be minimum 2” below the surface, our company takes no responsibility for any damage if not set at this depth.
  20. Our company reserves the right to levy a surcharge of £175.00 per man per day if the client changes an installation date within 48 hours of the agreed date.
  21. Our company reserves the right to levy a surcharge of £125.00 per man if they arrive on site and the job cannot be started, therefore a wasted day cost will be charged.
  22. During winter months, it is essential that the heating system is operational before any installation takes place, failure to ensure this may cause irreparable damage to the floor covering of which our company will not accept responsibility.
  23. Order is subject to written confirmation/email and deposit.
  24. Confirmation of order via email/writing will be an agreement of Terms and Conditions of our company.
  25. On completion of flooring installation by us the client or site representative will sign off the work.
  • Once sign off has taken place you are then agreeing to the satisfaction of all works completed.
  • If there are any disputes with the work carried out the work must not be signed off.
  • Sign off is at the client’s discretion. Any damages or marks found in the floor that have been caused by the operative before the client has signed off work, any damages noticed after this time i.e., the following day, will be assumed to be the fault of the client and will not be rectified.
  1. Our company reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions at any given time.
  2. If any unforeseen cables are found while lifting floors extra cost may incur due to further floor preparation work.
  3. We advise all furniture requires felt pads when used on hard floors.
  4. Subfloor will be prepared to a smooth flat surface only (subfloor will only be laser levelled if stated as an additional charge on quotation).