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Amtico Flooring

Absolutely unbeatable prices on all Amtico flooring!

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Amtico Specials:

Managers Extra Price Reduction - Ideal for all areas of the home, this flooring option makes a stunning addition to any living room, dining room, kitchen or hallway. This flooring has a Barnwood Finish.


*Please make sure to check out our stock levels shown in the table below to avoid missing out!*

Amtico Spacia Parquet Honey Oak
Size : 76 x 229 & 102 x 457mm

Amtico spacia parquet honey oak

Amtico Spacia Parquet Nordic Oak
Size : 76 x 229 & 102 x 457mm

Nordic oak look

Amtico Spacia Parquet Sun Bleached Oak
Size : 76 x 229 & 102 x 457mm

Parquet sun bleached oak

Amtico Spacia Parquet Traditional Oak
Size : 76 x 229 & 102 x 457mm

Amtico spacia traditional oak

Amtico Spacia Parquet Royal Oak
Size : 76 x 229 & 102 x 457mm

Parquet royal oak

We've got a range of Amtico stock available

QuantityPack Size SQMSQMTile In InchesDescription
  129" x 3"Signature Herringbone - American Oak
10.52.5 sqm26.259" x 3"Spacia Herringbone - Nordic Oak 2550B
32.5 sqm7.59" x 3"Spacia Herringbone - Pale Ash B
32.5 sqm7.59" x 3"Spacia Herringbone - Royal Oak 2530B
362.5 sqm9018" x 4"Spacia Herringbone - Royal Oak 2530B
342.5 sqm859" x 3"Spacia Herringbone Traditional Oak 2514B
382.5 sqm959" x 3"Spacia Herringbone Sun Bleached Oak B
202.5 sqm509" x 3"Spacia Herringbone Honey Oak 2504 B
252.5 sqm62.518" x 4"Spacia Herringbone Honey Oak 2504 B
412 sqm8248" x 7.25"Spacia - Nordic Oak Xtra (Plank) B
502 sqm10048" x 7.25"Spacia - Honey Oak Xtra (Plank) B
502 sqm10048" x 7.25"Spacia - Hampton Oak Xtra (Plank) T
502 sqm10048" x 7.25"Spacia - Nobile Oak Xtra (Plank) T
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